June 2015 Nonprofit Partner:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” a well known quote by Mahatma Ghandi. Many times we see a quote, repeat it or share it, but how many times do we put those words into action? For one young lady in Tennessee, USA those words not only touched her heart, but put her into action. Mallory Fundora, a sophomore in high school, is walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Mallory has an amazing passion and desire to help the children of Uganda. Her ambition is far beyond her young 15 years. Mallory started Project Yesu, a registered non-profit , 501c3 organization, when she was 11 years old, when she came to the revelation that there was nothing in this world that she needed, but that children in Uganda needed so much. What started out as a one time project only lit her determination to grow her project and truly make a lasting change to the lives of the children. Her lack of fear, jadedness and thoughts of why this won't work gives way to unhindered goals and plans for Project Yesu.

Project Yesu currently has two programs running on the ground in Uganda:

Child Sponsorship Program

Started in November 2014 this program matches donors from around the world with children in the village of Musima who desperately want to go to school and get an education. Currently there are 113 children in our program, with another 30-40 children on the waiting list to join. Education is a precious gift to the children of Uganda, unlike schools in the United States, schools in Uganda are not free and families have to make the decision between food and education for their children. No parent should have to make that decision. By becoming a sponsor parent, you have the amazing opportunity to build a relationship with your child through letters and photos. You receive your child’s report card each school term where you are able to see how they are doing in school. For more information on this program click here

Acholi Quarter Feeding Program

Started in June 2014. Numerous studies in the US show that children perform better in school when they have breakfast, however, many children in Uganda go to school hungry. We started this program with only 50 children, that number increased to 100 by the end of the first week, we are currently feeding over 200 children a hot porridge breakfast each weekday. For some, this is the only meal they have.

For more information about Project Yesu visit projectyesu.org or facebook.com/projectyesu and discover how you can get involved with this amazing organization!

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