January 2014 - Crisis Assistance Ministry

If you are interested in getting involved with Crisis Assistance Ministry, please visit their website here for information on what you can do to help!  You can also follow them on Twitter at @CrisisAssistMin.  Thanks for being part of our mission and supporting Crisis Assistance Ministry's mission as well this month!

Created in 1975, Crisis Assistance is dedicated to providing assistance to those in the community who are experiencing major financial crisis.  By providing things like emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, household goods, and furniture, Crisis Assistance Ministry is able to help people get back on their feet.  To give you some idea of what the demand is like, over 200 families seek assistance from Crisis Assistance Ministry every single day.  These are families that need warm clothing for their children and help with their rent or utility payments to get back on their feet among other things.  Crisis Assistance also provides support to those receiving assistance by educating them on budgeting and reducing debt.

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