February 2014 - A Child's Place

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 Check out their story:

A Child's Place began in 1989 when a group of women were walking through the cemetery in downtown Charlotte and noticed a group of kids playing. When asked why the kids were not in school the children explained that they were not allowed to enroll in school without a permanent address. The group of women began offering school for this group of 27 children in a one room schoolhouse provided by First Presbyterian Church with a teacher from CMS. In 1989, the McKinney-Vento Act was passed protecting the educational rights of homeless children ensuring they are provided the necessities they need to regularly attend school. Since that first class of 27 ACP client children we have grown to help 2,656 homeless children during the 2012-13 school year.

Happy February!  We are so excited to announce our February nonprofit organization, A Child's Place,  located in Charlotte NC!  A Child's Place (ACP) does some amazing things in the community to support the over 4,500 homeless children in the Charlotte area! 


To get involved, please check out their website at www.achildsplace.org!  There are a number of different volunteer opportunities!  Also, stay in touch with them on their Facebook Page!

Thank you for being part of February's Mission!  We will be coordinating a volunteer lunch hour with ACP in a couple weeks so stay updated to get involved!  

The February Box

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Filled to the brim with valentines love, our February box included cute things to keep you warm and warm your heart!  Here are the items in our box that some members received:

  • A cute knit headband with a flower embellishment
  • Paper straws because... why not!?
  • Cozy valentines socks
  • A gold bracelet to jazz up those end-of-winter outfits
  • A scarf to add the final touch to your wardrobe!
  • A personal valentines from our MissionCute Family to yours!

We hope you love your MissionCute box and visit A Child's Place to see how you can get involved!  Don't forget to share the #MissionCute love so we can continue to support amazing nonprofits and make a the world a better place!