Shopping Local: How and Why

In the age of mass corporations and faceless virtual marketplaces it seems that small, local businesses are a thing of the past. Turns out, they’re actually not and here’s why: shopping with local merchants keeps money close to home to support your community. As long as people care about their communities, local shopping will stick around as a vitally important action that shows your support for those around you.


When you shop local you support a person or a family, not an enterprise; you support your community, not a far off location; and you support jobs close to home, not unfair employment overseas. The ripple effects of local shopping reach farther than you may realize and the roots that it builds into your community support the future of your town.  You can purchase goods from local vendors in person at store fronts, from in-home shops, or online. Local vendors have taken advantage of the shift to a virtual marketplace and now there are many ways to connect with businesses in your community that you may otherwise not know about. For example, the Independent We Stand mobile app offers local, small businesses a way to advertise and is an easy application to use if you want to stay connected with, and find, local places to shop in your area.

Etsy is another way to connect with artisans for hand crafted, unique, or vintage gifts and products. Their relatively new ‘shop local’ link under ‘more ways to shop’ on their home page is a great way to find artisans in your area. You can view their virtual storefronts or even connect with them to ask about in-person sales. Many shop owners are using Etsy as an advertising tool to connect consumers to their products at in-person fairs and art exchanges. It’s an easy way to shop local from home and meet local sellers!

How do you shop local?