5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Monetary donations help keep many organizations above fiscal disaster but more often than not they lack the man power to accomplish great things even more than a check for the difference. Because time is so precious, giving of yourself and your time can have an amazing impact on your community. Plus, it feels good to do something for someone else for a change. You can learn more about yourself, add skills to your resume, and get up and enact change:

1. Mentor and Tutor At-Risk Youth. The youth are the future, right; so why are we not supporting them as they grow up and helping them be the most successful generation? Everyone has life experience to share and even if you aren’t able to be a tutor or be a sports coach you can just be there for someone. Attending community youth events, taking on a younger ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, going out for lunch with a group of kids and talking about their week; all of these are simple activities that have more of a profound impact than you may realize.

2. Pick up Garbage. This easy task doesn’t have to be organized or even planned. Simply grab some gloves and a bag and get out there to pick up litter. Not only will it make your neighborhood look better but it will protect animals from swallowing harmful materials.

3. Attend a Community Meeting. If you don’t know what the issues are it can be difficult to know where to get involved. Listen to community members air out their grievances and be sure to sign up for organized event that are coming up.

4. Help Seniors. Meals on Wheels is a great organization to partner with if you care about the elderly. If there isn’t a branch in your area you can organize you own or place an ad that you may be able to work with seniors in your area on a one-on-one basis to help them with their groceries.

5. Serve at a Soup Kitchen. It may seem like a cliché suggestion but there’s always a need, no matter how often it comes up on sitcoms. Don’t assume someone else will do it; contact your local soup kitchen and offer to swing by and help or donate food today.

What do you to do get involved?  Share your story and help us inspire others to lend a helping hand!