June Nonprofit Spotlight: The Vasculitis Foundation

Vasculitis, by definition, is the inflammation of blood vessels and can be an acute or chronic condition. The condition can be very severe, resulting in organ and tissue damage or even death. The lack of blood flow results in debilitating symptoms like fever, fatigue, weight loss, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite, and nerve problems like numbness and weakness. Luckily, doctors can test for the condition, diagnose patients, and prescribe medication to treat the specific type of vasculitis that a person suffers from. Most commonly steroids are taken to control the inflammation but there are several side effects that can be quite severe. Patients can also take medication to control the immune system which causes the inflammation when the body accidentally attacks blood vessels.

Shopping Local: How and Why

In the age of mass corporations and faceless virtual marketplaces it seems that small, local businesses are a thing of the past. Turns out, they’re actually not and here’s why: shopping with local merchants keeps money close to home to support your community. As long as people care about their communities, local shopping will stick around as a vitally important action that shows your support for those around you.

5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Monetary donations help keep many organizations above fiscal disaster but more often than not they lack the man power to accomplish great things even more than a check for the difference. Because time is so precious, giving of yourself and your time can have an amazing impact on your community. Plus, it feels good to do something for someone else for a change. You can learn more about yourself, add skills to your resume, and get up and enact change: