August 2014 Nonprofit Partner:

Ekubo ministries is comprised of many departments coming together to accomplish the goal of serving the vulnerable children and developing strong and sustainable communities in Uganda. We focus on:

  • Education
  • Children's Home
  • Spiritual development
  • Community Outreach and Development
  • Clean Water
  • Health Care

Ekubo Ministries exists to provide sustainable jobs to the men and women we serve so they can generate income to provide for their families. The worst thing you can do for someone trapped in poverty is something they can do for themselves. AID creates dependence while teaching and giving them a TRADE restores their dignity. We are inviting you to shop for gifts from us that GIVE. GIVE life. GIVE love. GIVE hope.

Be sure to learn more about Ekubo Ministries on their website and Facebook page for more information!

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Proper Soap | CapaBunga | Ekubo Ministries

Our August MissionCute box is full of incredibly cute and useful items!  Here are the items in our box that our members received:


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Please visit Ekubo Ministries to see how you can get involved!  Don't forget to spread the #MissionCute love so we can continue to support amazing nonprofits and make a the world a better place!