April 2015 Nonprofit Partner:

LOT2545 works in Kampala, Uganda with teenage boys that used to call the streets home.  We provide the boys a loving home where they can begin to heal from the years of trauma and abuse, while preparing for their futures.  Currently, our oldest boy is 15 and the oldest around 20.  We decided to focus on the older boys because once a boy reaches around 12 or 13, he has virtually no chance of receiving aid to get off of the streets.  They have usually picked up addictions, are really independent from raising themselves, and have tons of issues and baggage from being on the street for so long.  As a result, people wanting to help tend to focus on the younger boys and the oldest ones are always passed over.  We decided to dedicate ourselves to the boys that everyone has overlooked, believing that with lots love and patience, they can achieve their dreams and goals also.  While in the home, the boys receive an education or vocational training, plus counselling and everything else they will need to help secure a bright future for them.  

For more information about LOT 2545 visit LOT2545.ORG or facebook.com/lot2545 and discover how you can get involved with this amazing organization!

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